Hey all, I'm Alyssa Yoder!  I provide lettering and calligraphy services for weddings, events, and even your own home!  I currently live in Shreveport, Louisiana but am originally from the Seattle area and am moving to Rome, Georgia soon.  I am a die-hard Washington Huskies fan and played in the Husky Marching Band for all 4 years of college.  For the past 8 years, you would commonly find me teaching algebra to teenagers.  Yes, I chose to teach math to 15-year-olds!  No matter where you live, I would love to work with you to create beautiful and useful lettering projects.

My official introduction to lettering actually started with my bullet journal.  I fell down the rabbit hole of Instagram searching for bullet journal ideas and became inspired by all the different handwriting and lettering options people were using.  I started practicing and finding resources (my friends like to say I'm a master Googler!) for different types of calligraphy.  Lettering has actually become my way of destressing after a long day of teaching and I realized if I enjoy doing it so much, why am I not doing it more often?  Hence, Lucky Raindrop Lettering was formed.

Why Lucky Raindrop Lettering?

I am a born and raised Seattle girl (technically Kirkland for those who want to nitpick!) and I LOVE the rain.  Rain makes me happier than a sunny day and I love the smell and sound.  Many people say it is lucky to have it rain on a wedding day, so I figured I would tie my love of rain together with a common calligraphy event, weddings.  But don't worry, weddings are definitely NOT my only avenue of lettering.  Check out my portfolio and contact me with any ideas or events you might want to have lettering displayed.